The 5 Clients You Meet In Freelance Hell

2 07 2014

i am often asked on how i started working the way i do. well, the absolute very first image i ever uploaded to PODs was for a design contest. i got 3rd place and began working for some top ramen money. seven years later, here i am. a couple of weeks ago, i received an email from redbubble informing that they featured that image in their recent blog, the 5 clients you meet in freelance hell. i’ve come a long way from messily vectorizing and mashing images together. but, here’s a nod to my beginnings… (make sure to check out the article, as well)…

redbubble asyrum design

pictures to prove it.

17 09 2013

awhile ago, zazzle added the review feature. i love reading over customers comments, but even more, i love when they post a picture! here’s the three pictures posted amongst my hundreds of reviews. more to come, i hope!!!

1. sweets n’ at


2. lynz marie photography


3. passport business card


city tees challenge

21 06 2013

redbubble is having a city inspired t-shirt contest.

click below to check out my entry.


RedBubble San Francisco and Denver Meetup : doomed devotion

28 03 2013

in december of 2012, i was contacted by the curators of the denver redbubble meetup and informed that my piece, doomed devotion, would be framed and included in the show at ananda art & tattoo shop. unfortunately, i was out of town during the event. i was also told that it was shown at the san francisco event, too. nice.

doomed devotion:

asyrum design, doomed devotion, lost angel, redbubble, meetup event

a pic from the set-up:

forever young. my first intuos5 creation.

29 08 2012

i bought my first professional tablet. the intous5. in order to get acquainted with some of it’s features, i decided to try doing a portrait illustration. i watched a couple of quick tutorials on shadowing and blending. so, actually, this is one of my first modeled portraits, as well. i could have spent more time on the contours but decided that overlaying a texture was a quick enough fix to let me move on. i still have to learn more of it’s features that are made to help you be more productive and i can already tell that this thing is a time saver… and fun.

this was done off of a picture of my mom, as she is constantly on my mind and in my heart.     r.i.p.

first final creation:

asyrum design intous5 sketch

the actual final creation which scrapped all of the shading work to fit in more with the theme:

intuos 5 medium

the creation stages:

heart shaped piñata

24 11 2011

my first homemade piñata… an anatomical heart. fittingly, i began making this when i was in love. by the time i finished, i was heartbroken. as much as i want to tear into this, i feel weird about participating in such a symbolic act of destroying my own heart. so, i’m going to try and sell this…

anatomical heart pinata by asyrum : piñatas

it looks small but the main body alone is a little bigger than a human head.

asyrum design is NOT hiring

15 11 2010

there is someone trying to place ads in local newspapers claiming that they are hiring for asyrum design.

i am the owner and operator of asyrum design. it’s a one person show and i am not hiring.
please beware on who you give your personal information to. this most likely is a ploy to commit identity theft. as of now, i know that they are trying to place the ads under the alias “tom bill” but i’m sure that could change. if you have been in contact with anyone claiming to be hiring for asyrum design, please get in touch with me with any extra information you may have. thanks.


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